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Paul Higgins as Michael Dugdale in Utopia 2x2

Pleaasssseeee don’t sit in the Chair of Evil, Dugdale, pleeease!
And you’re right, that photo doesn’t belong here, but i hope hope hope that that’s the only reason? I mean, they are alright, aren’t they?

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Utopia - S02E01


"We need to talk."
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It is so much more entertaining playing an evil person than playing a sweet, charming young lady. Before I even went in for the audition, reading some of the scenes and the stuff she does, it was breathtaking. I loved it. As an actor, it was an absolutely thrilling role to play. It was so exhilarating to be such a horrible character." Rose Leslie about her role in the second season of Utopia


1x02 // 2x02

"She loves you, you know?"